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European scaffold castor - EN1004 Standard scaffold castor - M20 Threaded stem scaffold castor with PU wheel | SCRTT-200050R-93BL

  • Part No.: SCRTT-200050R-93BL
  • Wheel Dia.: 200 mm / 8 inch castor
  • Tread Width: 50 mm / 2 inch castor
  • Wheel Type: TPU on PP wheel
  • Caster Type: Total lock swivel castor
  • Fitting Type: M20 Threaded stem castor
  • Load Cap.: 700 kg / 1550 lbs castor
  • APP: Scaffolding castor
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Technical Data

CASTER TECHNICAL°C / mm / kg°F / inch / lbs
Wheel Diameter200 mm8 inch
Width of Tread50 mm2 inch
Wheel MaterialTPU on PP wheelTPU on PP wheel
Hardness of TreadShore A 90Shore A 90
Wheel BearingRoller bearingRoller bearing
Fitting TypeThreaded stem casterThreaded stem caster
Threaded TypeM20-
Stem Length--
Hole Spacing (L1)--
Hole diameter (P1)--
Hole Spacing (L2)--
Hole diameter (P2)--
Swivel Offset--
Swivel Radius--
Overall Height237 mm9.33 inch
Caster BrakeSwivel caster with total lockSwivel caster with total lock
Load Capacity700 kg1550 lbs
Caster Weightkglbs
Part No.SCRTT-200050R-93BLSCRTT-200050R-93BL


8"×2" European EN1004 Threaded stem scaffold castor with TPU wheel | SCRTT-200050R-93BL

8-inch European EN1004 Threaded stem scaffold castors with PU wheel are equipped with total lock brakes. This pressed metal casters are zero offset swivel casters that conform to DIN 4422: HD 1004: 1992 and BS 1139: part 3: 1994, combining the swivel lock and brake concept, is made for scaffolding work, built on a zinc passivity steel frame with an advanced design, ensuring rigidity and a long successful working life, with load capacities from 880 to 2,200 lbs.

China Patent: CN103332065 A.

Featured 8 inch European EN1004 Threaded scaffold castor with TPU wheel

• Castor Housing: The housing is made of high-quality pressed steel.

• Mounting and Swivel Cross Section: M20 Threaded stem scaffolding castor. Pressed steel double ball raceway in swivel head. King bolt and nut construction for added strength.

• Swivel head sealed: Polyurethane seal ring keeps out debris.

• Total lock brake: Double pedal design, Locking both the wheel and direction simultaneously.

• Lubrication: Zerk in wheel for easy lubrication.

• TPU Wheel: Blue Polyurethane on black Polypropylen Wheel: This polyurethane wheel has excellent properties where wash-down of material handling equipment is required. Tread is mechanically locked to an injection molded polymer core to prevent separation. Polyurethane wheels offer greater load capacity than rubber. They offer excellent floor protection. These wheels resist chemicals, acids, caustics and oils.

• Bearing & Axle: Standard straight roller bearing with drilled hardened steel spanner bushing and plastic side retaining thrust washers. 12.5mm diameter wheel solid axle complete with lock nut.

Custom Made 8 inch European EN1004 Threaded stem scaffold castor


Accessories & Versions


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