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Wanda Scaffolding Caster

Scaffold Casters at the best possible prices from Wanda Scaffold Caster. Wanda Caster manufacture and supply Scaffolding Casters, including Rubber scaffold casters, Moldon rubber scaffold casters, Moldon polyurethane scaffoleds, Stem scaffold casters, Top plate scaffold casters, Treaded stem scaffold casters, European scaffold casters, American scaffold casters, Japanese scaffold casters, Heavy duty scaffold casters etc.

What is a scaffold caster

Scaffold casters are designed for scaffolds. This caster features an easy to engage total locks that locks both wheel and swivel and allow easy locking and repositioning.

China Scaffold Casters manufacturer and OEM service

Wanda Scaffold Caster builds and manufactures scaffold casters and wheels, keeping your scaffolding units mobile. In addition to keeping the workflow rolling, scaffold casters may be equipped with brakes for solid non-rolling stability. Speak to a representative all sizes and requirements for filling your scaffold wheel and caster needs. We are chinese OEM specialist of scaffold casters.

What is a adjustable scaffolding caster jack base jack

Scaffolding jack fits between the scaffold frame and the scaffold caster and allows for height adjustment upwards for approximately some inches.
Use scaffolding caster jack when you want to use your wheels but the surface is uneven. When your tower is erected it's very difficult to move around without casters. If the surface is uneven jacks become almost a necessity.
Scaffold caster jacks also allow for an adjustment of the standing height of the tower if you want to fine tune the exact position for optimum work conditions.

Scaffold caster applications

Wanda Scaffold casters perform well for scaffolding and many other applications. Also suitable for floodlight stands, moveable platforms, and motion picture.

How to test scaffold caster load capacity and brake.

Automatic stress testing. With 5° offset as prescribed in ANSI/SSFI SC 100-5/05.Check Wanda scaffolding wheel caster load testing report & certification please.

Scaffolding casters category

Scaffold casters by material: Scaffold caster with rubber wheel, Scaffold caster with rubber on cast iron wheel, Scaffold caster with polyurethane on cast iron wheel. Scaffold casters by mount type: Solin stem scaffold caster, Grip ring stem scaffold caster, Pipe stem scaffold caster, Threaded stem scaffold caster, Top plate scaffold caster.
Scaffold casters by wheel diameter: 5 inch wheel diameter scaffold caster, 6 inch wheel diameter scaffold caster, 8 inch wheel diameter scaffold caster, 10 inch wheel diameter scaffold caster, 12 inch wheel diameter scaffold caster.
Scaffold casters by load capacity: Light duty scaffold casters, standard scaffold casters, heavy duty scaffold casters.
Scaffold casters by country: European scaffold casters, American scaffold casters, Japanese scaffold casters and Standard scaffold casters.


Check scaffold caster is securely locked before climbing scaffolding. Do not attempt to use if caster is faulty or has not been maintained.

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